Keynote talk at DelMar Numerics Day 2018

May 5, 2018 at University of Delaware

Fractional Cahn-Hilliard Equation(s): Analysis, Properties and Approximation

Mark Ainsworth
Brown University

The classical Cahn-Hilliard equation [1] is a nonlinear, fourth order in space, parabolic partial differential equation which is often used as a diffuse interface model for the phase separation of a binary alloy. Despite the widespread adoption of the model, there are good reasons for preferring models in which fractional spatial derivatives appear [2,3].

We consider two such Fractional Cahn-Hilliard equations (FCHE). The first [4] corresponds to considering a gradient flow of the free energy functional in a negative order Sobolev space \(H^{-\alpha}\), \(\alpha\in[0,1]\) where the choice \(\alpha=1\) corresponds to the classical Cahn-Hilliard equation whilst the choice \(\alpha=0\) recovers the Allen-Cahn equation.

It is shown that the equation preserves mass for all positive values of fractional order and that it indeed reduces the free energy. The well-posedness of the problem is established in the sense that the \(H^1\)-norm of the solution remains uniformly bounded.

We then turn to the delicate question of the \(L^\infty\) boundedness of the solution and establish an \(L^\infty\) bound for the FCHE in the case where the non-linearity is a quartic polynomial. As a consequence of the estimates, we are able to show that the Fourier-Galerkin method delivers a spectral rate of convergence for the FCHE in the case of a semi-discrete ap- proximation scheme.

Finally, we present results obtained using computational simulation of the FCHE for a variety of choices of fractional order \(\alpha\). We then consider an alternative FCHE [3,5] in which the free energy functional involves a fractional order derivative.

(joint work with Zhiping Mao)

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